The Gakusya operated by the Spiritualism Association of Japan is now open.
In the future, when seminars, lectures, informal social gatherings and the like are held at the Sanctuary, the Gakusya will serve as the contact point for those events.
We welcome all those who wish to pursue the study of Spiritualism on a deeper level.

We are currently operating “Students in Residence (Gakushasei)”, a system for year-long study of the Spiritualism of Hiroyuki Ehara through video-recorded lectures, on a dedicated website.

Note: You can find a detailed description of “Gakushasei” here.

There is a message board posted only for the Gakusya. Special notice from Hiroyuki Ehara and various recruitment projects are only handled here.

Available at the Association’s Gakusya are amulets in cases, healing amulets, Masakiyo fortune slips, fortune slips with tear-shaped jewel (Magatama) amulets, paper effigies and votive pictures.

Note: Please understand that these items cannot be sent by mail.

Votive pictures are available by first registering with all of the following sites:

To obtain distribution of items, please show your Supporters’ Club membership card and the Spiritualism Association of Japan Library personal page. If you cannot show the page itself (on a smartphone, etc.), you can provide a printout of a screenshot.

When events are in progress, the gates will be open.Exhibits of items that feature in the books of Hiroyuki Ehara and Professor Ehara’s study room can also be seen here.

11:00AM to 3:00PM

Dates of reception: Wednesdays (except public holidays) and Sanctuary event days
Note: On Wednesdays that are a public holiday, reception is closed.

The Gakusya is located within the Spiritualism Sanctuary Omotesando.
Click here for details.

The Spiritual Sanctuary asks for your cooperation on the following points:

  • ・To avoid disturbing the neighbors, please do not line up, wait or stand talking around the Spiritual Sanctuary or the Gakusya.
  • ・Behavior judged likely to disturb the neighbors will be reported to the police immediately.
  • ・We do not carry a great deal of change, so please prepare correct amounts in advance as far as possible.
  • ・Hiroyuki Ehara cannot accept letters, gifts, messages or questions.
  • ・For security reasons, outside persons are not permitted to enter the Spiritual Sanctuary or Gakusya to use the washrooms. The Spiritual Sanctuary and Gakusya respect the spirit of heart-to-heart communication and mutual help. However, we regret that our facilities are not completely barrier-free. If you require assistance for your visit, please do not hesitate to let us know in advance. Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.