The Spiritualism Sanctuary

The Spiritualism Sanctuary

The Spiritualism Sanctuary was born on March 31, 2011, in Omotesando, the very heart of Tokyo. Hiroyuki Ehara, representative director of the Spiritualism Association of Japan, established the Association’s forerunner, the Spiritualism Research Center, in 1989. Since that time Professor Ehara has provided counseling, been active in media including television, magazines and books, and delivered numerous lectures, among other activities.

Through these activities, Professor Ehara encountered many people whose lives were troubled in various ways. He recognized that, in this practical age of Spiritualism, there was a need to create a specific place where people could receive the support they required.

Professor Ehara’s first step in practicing his belief is to establish the Spiritualism Sanctuary.

In the future, the facilities in the Spiritualism Sanctuary will only be made available to the general public when lectures and other events are held there.

  • Sanctuary
  • Communication Room
  • Center Garden
  • Lesson Room

Guide to the Schoolhouse

Guide to the Schoolhouse


◆The Spiritualism Sanctuary

4-22-12 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001

  • ■Tokyo Metro:Chiyoda Line/Fukutoshin Line4 min. walk from Meiji-jingumae Station
  • ■Chiyoda Line/Ginza Line/Hanzomon Line6 min. walk from Omotesando Station
  • ■JR Yamanote Line9 min. walk from Takeshita exit of Harajuku Station

To All Visitors to the Spiritualism Sanctuary

Entry into the Spiritual Sanctuary is in principle closed to the general public except during special events.
Please note the following points.

  • ・Entry by persons other than those related to the Spiritual Sanctuary is strictly prohibited.
  • ・Suspicious vehicles, persons, etc. will be reported to the authorities immediately.
  • ・Please refrain from noisy behavior, photography and video recording, and any actions that may disturb our neighbors.
  • ・Please do not linger but move quickly to and from your appointed destinations.
  • ・Requests for personal advice or counseling are not accepted for any reason.
  • ・The Spiritual Sanctuary cannot accept personal messages, mail or gifts.
  • ・Mail without postmarks will be destroyed unopened.
  • ・For security reasons, outside persons other than visitors are not allowed to use the washrooms.
  • ・The Spiritual Sanctuary respects the spirit of heart-to-heart communication and mutual help. However, we regret that our facilities are not completely barrier-free. If you require assistance for your visit, please do not hesitate to let us know in advance. Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.

Guide to Tenant Shops

Crystal Banku , a natural-stone boutique selling crystals and similar products (operator: Mankyu Co., Ltd.), operates within the Spiritual Sanctuary.