Spiritual Healing Sanctuary Masakiyoan

Spiritual Healing Sanctuary Masakiyoan has been born in the City of Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture.
Masakiyoan’s location in Atami has a soothing, mystical air. It offers splendid views of Mt. Fuji and is surrounded by quiet streams and the expansive beauty of nature.

In the past, a wide range of spiritual investigators put down roots here, devoting themselves to prayer.
With the birth of Masakiyoan, this place has become holy ground once more, returning to its originally intended purpose, as a place of training and study.

Here you will find the culture and spirit that modern Japanese have forgotten.
The traditional-style house and garden are gifts from the spirit world. We lift our hearts in prayer that we may turn the waves of the purifying sea and the healing mountain into love.

Masakiyoan is for us a true sanctuary, both a place of prayer and a training ground.
I believe that Masakiyoan will give rise to a new generation that is truly excellent in both character and spirituality.