Because We Live in a Practical Age: The Objectives of the Spiritualism Association of Japan

Because We Live in a Practical Age: The Objectives of the Spiritualism Association of Japan

The Spiritualism Association of Japan was established in 1989, originally as the Spiritualism Research Center. The mission of the SAJ is to advance research into modern Spiritualism, whose roots date to 1848, to find answers to the greatest questions that confront all human beings: Why are we born, and how should we live ?

In the course of our research, we devised the Eight Laws of Spiritualism . Guided by these Laws, we came to profess the spirits providence and declared the way of living happily through the true self.

Spiritualism was brought to Japan by Wasaburo Asano. Thereafter, the baton of pioneer and chief advocate of research and promulgation of Spiritualism in Japan passed from Asano to Hiroyuki Ehara. Professor Ehara is universally credited with the widespread promulgation of Spiritualism in Japan.

Professor Ehara is a prolific author, inducted into the Amazon Hall of Fame for his ability to convey a specialized body of knowledge to a general audience in an accessible and engaging manner. His unprecedented string of best-selling books on Spiritualism testifies that we do indeed live in a practical age.

Today the Spiritualism Research Center has grown and matured to become the Spiritualism Association of Japan. Today the Association is more active than ever, spreading the Good News about Spiritualism throughout Japan.

The chief objectives of the Association are:

  1. 1. Research in Spiritualism
  2. 2. Proper promulgation of Spiritualism
  3. 3. Provision of institutions for education in Spiritualism
  4. 4. Training of Spiritualists
  5. 5. Practice of Spiritualism (including social-welfare activities)

The Association is committed to publishing books and other writings about research on Spiritualism and for the promulgation of Spiritualism. To date the Association has published numerous works on these subjects. To reach as many people as possible, the Association also makes many of its works available as e-books.

In the aspect of education and training institution, the Association offers regularly scheduled courses in Spiritualism to deepen people’s understanding, and makes great efforts to support students in practicing a fulfilling and fulfilled life.

In Spiritualism, nothing is more vital than the true self. As part of activities to encourage practicing the true self in everyday life, the Association has established within the Spiritualism Sanctuary a Support House. Here students can put their true selves to work practicing the love that helps others overcome challenges they face in life.

The Association plans to expand its support activities by opening additional support facilities beyond the Spiritualism Sanctuary. We are also proud participants in a wide variety of charitable activities.

In each case the aim of these activities is to:

  1. 1) Support families who are coping with illness
  2. 2) Support people who are facing hardship

On March 31, 2011, the Spiritualism Association of Japan launched its activities in earnest.
The Association will continue to improve, enhance and expand its activities going forward.

March 2011
Hiroyuki Ehara
Representative Director
The Spiritualism Association of Japan