Spiritualism Course

Spiritualism courses

The Spiritualism Course begins by teaching the Eight Spiritual Laws and proceeds to explore how to base all of the affairs of life, including work, love, marriage, and ceremonial occasions on spiritual truth.

Upon its establishment in 1989, the Spiritualism Research Center began conducting study sessions, the precursor to the Spiritualism Course, in the reception hall of a shrine. Later, the Spiritualism Course was moved to new venues, including (in Tokyo) Shinjuku Island Hall, Sogetsu Hall and Tokyo International Forum, to provide as many people as possible the opportunity to deepen their spiritual studies. (The Center also presents the Spiritualism Course in Osaka, Fukuoka and Nagoya.)

The purpose of the Spiritualism Course is to convey spiritual truth to large numbers of people. The Course is not an open lecture to the general public, however, but an opportunity to study Spiritualism in depth, so it is closer in format to a classroom lesson. The focus is on thinking about and studying ways to live a fulfilling life in the truest sense.

For this reason, the question-and-answer sessions in the Course are not held merely so that students can ask questions and obtain answers. Rather, attendees are expected to think about their questions themselves, then engage in exchange of opinion with Professor Ehara and other attendees, thereby deepening their understanding of the course material. The Course presents Spiritual Laws and spiritual truth not as empty academic theory but as a necessary essence to be put into practice in every aspect of life.

The Spiritualism Course delves into trends in modern Spiritualism. Drawing on the events at Hydesville, accomplished scientists and spirit mediums have held repeated séances, communing with the spirit world to reveal the spiritual truth that is the source of life.

The Spiritualism Course compares the lives we lead to this spiritual truth, to pursue insights into the true way of living.

Taking as its foundation the research of the pioneers in Spiritualism, the Course seeks to uncover the ultimate reality of the spirit world through the deep research of Hiroyuki Ehara, who is both a Spiritualist and a spirit medium.

≪ History of the Course ≫

Professor Ehara began teaching the Course when he was in the service of a Shinto shrine. In 1989 he established the Spiritualism Research Center, moving the venue of his lectures to Shinjuku Island Hall, Sogetsu Hall and Tokyo International Forum. He has presented numerous lectures at these venues (and also presents the Spiritualism Course in Osaka, Fukuoka and Nagoya).

In 2012 the Spiritualism Research Center celebrated the 25th anniversary of the beginning of the Spiritualism Course. Over the first quarter-century of the Course, Professor Ehara has pursued a long journey as a pioneer in spreading the message of Spiritualism. The Spiritualism Course captures the quintessence of that lifelong inquiry.