This page is your contact point for inquiries to the Spiritualism Association of Japan.

Before submitting your inquiry, please read the notes and prohibitions below.

We will normally contact you by e-mail on or after the next business day.


  • 1.We normally answer inquiries by e-mail on or after the next business day.Depending on the nature of your inquiry and the volume of inquiries we receive, however, our reply may be delayed.
  • 2.Please ensure that your name and e-mail address are correct. We will be unable to respond if they are entered incorrectly.
  • 3.Replies from the Association are sent for the purpose of answering inquiries. Please do not pass on to third parties the text or other content of replies, in whole or in part, or use said content for other purposes.
  • 4.The Executive office of the Association is not hiring. Please do not contact us regarding employment.
  • 5.For inquiries regarding mobile websites (Spiritual World of Hiroyuki Ehara, Spiritualism Association of Japan Library), please contact the contact points listed in the respective mobile websites.
  • ◆Spiritual World of Hiroyuki Ehara
  • ◆Spiritualism Association of Japan Library
  • 6.For inquiries regarding tenant shops in the Spiritualism Sanctuary, please contact the individual tenants.
  • 7.For inquiries regarding the personal speaking activities of the representative director, Hiroyuki Ehara, please contact the contact point for each individual lecture or event.


The following activities are prohibited when making inquiries.

  • 1.Questions and inquiries of a personal nature regarding the representative director, Hiroyuki Ehara
  • 2.Sending personal messages to the representative director, Hiroyuki Ehara
  • 3.Requests for personal counseling by the representative director, Hiroyuki Ehara
  • 4.Registration of other people’s e-mail addresses and making false representations and notifications
  • 5.Actions for the purpose of sales activities or otherwise of a for-profit nature, or actions preparatory to such actions
  • 6.Actions harmful to the good name of a third party or of the Association
  • 7.Actions that use or provide computer viruses or other harmful programs, or that pose the danger of such use or provision
  • 8.Actions that violate laws, regulations or statutes, or pose the danger of such violation, or are otherwise judged inappropriate by the Association

The Association shall not enter into any discussion regarding the prohibitions.

For inquiries, please click here.