Overview of the Spiritualism Association of Japan

Objectives of the Spiritualism Association of Japan

The Spiritualism Association of Japan was established in 1989, originally as the Spiritualism Research Center. The mission of the SAJ is to advance research into modern Spiritualism, whose roots date to 1848, to find answers to the greatest questions that confront all human beings: Why are we born, and how should we live ?

Director, the Spiritualism Association of Japan

Hiroyuki Ehara
Director, the Spiritualism Association of JapanBorn in Tokyo in 1964.
Former member of the World Healing Federation.After studying Fine Arts at the Faculty of Human Sciences, Wako University , completed Type II Special Studies in Shinto at Kokugakuin University.
Guest professor at Kibi International University.
Guest professor at Kyushu University of Health and Welfare.
Advisor to the Japan Phytotherapy Association.

Message from the Executive Office

The Executive Office of the Spiritualism Association of Japan began operations in earnest on March 31, 2011. The mission of the Executive Office is to expand on activities that Hiroyuki Ehara, director of the Association, had been pursuing as a Spiritualist since 1989, when he founded the Spiritualism Research Center.

The mission of the Association is to conduct research in and promulgate Spiritualism. As part of that mission, the Executive Office engages in the conversion to electronic format of the works of the director, as well as a variety of overseas literature.

The Executive Committee plays a major role in education and training. We are tasked with managing courses with students’ needs in mind, so they can pursue their studies in Spiritualism to the deepest extent possible. We also actively promote education for the younger generation.

Support House is a forum where students can practice the most vital skill for any Spiritualist: the practice of the true self. The Executive Office stands at the center of a management framework that supports people pursuing a deeper relationship with Spiritualism to put their true selves into practice.

We at the Executive Office support research in and promulgation of Spiritualism as advocated by Hiroyuki Ehara. Our role is to provide the facilities students need to practice and learn about Spiritualism.

March 31, 2011
Executive Office
The Spiritualism Association of Japan

Support House

Through his efforts to promulgate Spiritualism, the director of the Spiritualism Association of Japan, Hiroyuki Ehara, encounters many people who confront hardships in their lives. In the course of those encounters, Professor Ehara has for many years searched for practical methods of drawing closer to and assisting those who are suffering.

Support House is a place where Spiritualists can draw close to such sufferers.

In the interests of protecting residents’ privacy, we cannot provide details on any specific counseling. We can only say that the use of Support House is open to interested persons. The Executive Office does not advertise for or recruit residents.

The Spiritualism Association of Japan Support Fund

The Support Fund does not solicit the public for funds.
Currently the Support Fund is not conducting any fundraising activities.

An Educational Institution

As an educational institution, the Spiritualism Association of Japan currently offers a Course in Spiritualism. For students with a passion for Spiritualism who have studied sufficiently through books, the mobile website, the Course or other means, and are recognized to be sufficiently prepared, the Association offers an advanced course. These students, called “Students in Residence (Gakushasei) ”, take part in a year-long study program.